Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 - 7:34 am GMT
Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 - 7:34 am GMT
Register Your Nation

The Benefits of Joining

By registering your nation(s) with NSTracker not only are you becoming a member of a site that has been around since 2005 but you will gain control over your numbers as well. Something we've been doing for playes since 2012. NSTracker only derives its figures from NationStates if the nation in question is a) not a member or b) has not modified their settings. Your account settings will allow you to set a roleplay population, modify your national budgets and tax system along with allocating troop numbers and budget figures for each branch of your military.

Escape the Gmod Stigma

Godmodding is the act of deliberately ignoring how much your nation can afford to spend on things. NSTracker was the first to offer realistic military values for roleplayers based not only on size but economic strength as well. NSTracker stands firmly against godmodding and has put economic rewards and consequences in place for those that wish to either stimulate or destroy their economy.

Realistic Numbers

Daily issues are an important element in NationStates. Each player has control over how well their economy and military is doing simply by answering these issues wisely. However, you are capable of adjusting budgets as well as your service eligibility using NSTracker which can bump up a nations military. The choice is yours.

Control Size

A lot of time was spent studying real-world values to help deliver figures you can trust. Roleplay populations increase at much slower rates than that of NationStates taking into account real-world death and birth rates based on a population of one million citizens. The same goes for items such as senior citizens, youth and workforce. Balancing your economy well over time will yield huge rewards.

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